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CBC News | Correspondent - Slum Cities: A Shifting World
CBC News | Sunday - Top Ten Cities
CBC News | In Depth - Chase the bouncing Loonie: Cities vie for a new deal
CBC | Toronto - Theatregoers Offered Tour of Toronto's Slums
CBC News - UN Report Criticises Zimbabwe's Bulldozing of Urban Slums
CBC | North - Natives Leaving Rez for City Slums
CBC News | Photo Gallery: The Slums of Mumbai

The Current | March 27, 2006: SpeakerSatire | Buenos Aires by Helicopter | Villa Miserias
The Current | March 27, 2006: SpeakerLunch Counter
The Current | March 27, 2006: SpeakerSlums of Mumbai
The Current | October 11, 2004: SpeakerMike Davis on Slums
Dispatches | May 18, 2006:Speaker
Cairo slums

Canadian Cities
new_window Yellowknife
new_window Iqaluit
new_window Whitehorse
new_window Calgary
new_window Edmonton
new_window Regina
new_window Winnipeg
new_window Montreal
new_window Quebec
new_window Ottawa
new_window Toronto
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FACT: An estimated 57 % of urban Africans lack access to basic sanitation.

External Links
new_windowWord Urban Forum

new_window*UN Habitat's State of the World's Cities Report 2006/2007
new_windowFundacao Oscar Niemeyer
new_windowJaime Lerner, former mayor of Curitiba Brazil
new_windowProject for Public Spaces
new_windowShack/Slum Dwellers International

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FACT: In China the number of official cities has soared from 193 to 640 since 1978.

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Canadian links
new_windowCanadian Urban Institute
new_windowEnvironmental Youth Alliance
new_windowInternational Centre for Sustainable Cities
new_windowFederation of Canadian Municipalities
new_windowRooftops Canada
new_windowCanadian International Development Agency
new_windowEdible Landscape Project
new_windowNational Film Board Citizen Shift project
new_windowHomeless Nation
new_windowInternational Development Research Centre

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