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Ideas – Mongrel Cities

Recorded: Monday, June 19 at Earth: The World Urban Festival

Ideasarrowrecorded the University of British Columbia-Laurier Institution Multiculturalism lecture, Mongrel Cities of the 21st Century: Is Multiculturalism the solution or the problem.

remoteCBC Radio One
The Current & BC Almanac

Recorded: Wednesday, June 21 at Earth: The World Urban Festival

Living Room - How Much Do We Need?
The Current'sarrow Anna Maria Tremonti and BC Almanac'sarrow Mark Forsythe look at the good and bad of high-density living with the president of the National Slum Dwellers Federation of India, Jockin Arputham; Gordon Price, director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University; urban planner Wendy Sarkissian from New South Wales, Australia; and Jake Friesen, vice-president of Qualico Developments, one of the largest builders of single-family homes in Western Canada. SpeakerLiving Room (Runs: 57:00)

FACT: In 1950, there was only one city with a population of over 10 million inhabitants: New York City.

remoteCBC Radio One
The Arts Tonight

Recorded: Thursday, June 22 at Earth: The World Urban Festival

The Arts Tonightarrow focused on the theme of Making Theatre Matter. Host Eleanor Wachtel speaks with World Urban Festival artistic producer Judith Marcuse, Joaquin D. Yabut of the Philippine theatre company, PETA, and Fri Hooft Van Huysduynen, from the Dutch group, Theatre Embassy, about using plays to change people and society.

remoteCBC Radio One
On The Coast

Recorded: Thursday, June 22 at Earth: The World Urban Festival

Live from Earth: The World Urban Festival That easy? Jean Swanson, a housing advocate, lays out her solution for Vancouver's homeless and Mike Harcourt, former mayor and federal advisor on urban issues, maps out the high road for Canadian cities. Excerpted from OTC's live remote from the festival. SpeakerOTC LIVE (Runs: 12:30)

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remoteCBC Radio One
Global Village

Date: Friday, June 23
Time: 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. PT
Location: CBC Stage at Earth, 555 Great Northern Way, Vancouver, B.C.

Come to the World Urban Festival and join Jowi Taylor of Global Village as he hosts a live concert for later broadcast. Musical performers include Paula Toledo, Young and Sexy, Sal & Shayne, and Signia.

FACT: Every hour 6,000 people move into a city. Every day 143, 000 people move into a city. That’s 1 million every week, 52 million per year.
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