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Writers: May 2012 Archives

Are all the artists red?

A number of Quebec artists have publicly voiced their support for the student strike. 
Over the weekend, Arcade Fire made headlines by wearing the iconic red square during a Saturday Night Live performance.
Last week in Cannes, filmmaker Xavier Dolan and the cast of his flim Laurence Anyways also donned the red square.

But columnist Sophie Durocher wonders, Les artistes sont-ils tous rouges? Are all the artists red? 

Sophie writes for the Journal de Montreal and Clin d'oeil. She's also a well-known Quebec television host. 
Listen to her conversation with Jeanette Kelly, host of Cinq à Six.
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Is modern motherhood a new form of oppression?

Just in time for Mother's Day, the question of how to be a mother is making big headlines. 

The most recent issue of Time magazine is eliciting some strong reactions. It shows a beautiful, blonde 26-year-old mother breastfeeding her three-year-old son. The bright red caption reads: Are you mom enough? 

The magazine explores the new "trend" of attachment parenting. This approach to bringing up baby includes natural birth, baby wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and and for some, extends to hand washing cloth diapers and making their own baby food. 

On the other end of the spectrum is French feminist Elisabeth Badinter. 
In her new book, The Conflict, Badinter argues that putting baby first in every way could result in a frustrated mother who is denied her own desires and ambitions. 

Womens' decisions to step out of the workforce to raise children, she argues, is setting back the feminist movement to the era of our grandmothers. 

Alice Petersen is a writer. Her collection of short stories All the Voices Cry just came out last week. It's published by Oasis. She is the mother of two girls, nine and two years old. 

Alexandria Haber is  a playwright and the mother of four kids, ranging in age from eight to 18. 

And Saraline Grenier is a mommy blogger. He blog is called New Feminist Mom. She's is the single mom of three-year-old Eliot.

They joined Jeanette in the Cinq à Six studio to ponder the question: Is modern motherhood a new form of oppression? 
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(Photo: Left to right, Saraline Grenier with her son Eliot, Alice Petersen, Alexandria Haber. Photo by Tanya Birkbeck.)