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Writers: June 2011 Archives

Stanley's Summer Reads

Stanley-en-studio.jpgCinq à Six book columnist Stanley Péan shares his suggestions for your summer reading pleasure.

Le charme discret du café filtre by Amélie Panneton
Le sablier des solitudes by Jean-Simon Desrocher
Mr Clarinet by Nick Stone

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Can paper magazines survive?

MAGAZINES 001.jpgThese are trying times for magazines. In the last few years, we've had a recession, and the launch of the tablet; a device that threatens to send paper magazines the way of the dinosaur.

In 2009, for the first time ever, we saw more English-language magazines close than start up, meaning a net loss in the number of English magazines. Just this week, Montreal-based Nightlife magazine announced it is cutting its publication from 10 issues a year to four, in order to focus on its digital platforms.

Here at Cinq à Six, we're wondering, can the magazine as we know it survive?

Weighing in are two people who are passionate about magazines, Jennifer Varkonyi is the publisher of Maisonneuve and Philippe Lemarre is the founder and publisher of Urbania.

Both magazines were among the top award winners at the National Magazine Awards announced earlier this month.  

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Diatribes of a Dying Tribe

Thumbnail image for narcicyst.jpgYassin Alsalman -- AKA The Narcicyst -- has made a name for himself as a hip hop artist singing about issues of politics and cultural identity.

Now, he has come out with a book about the role of hip hop as a voice for Arab youth.
It's called "The Diatribes of a Dying Tribe".

Listen to his interview with Pierre.

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