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Visual Art: June 2012 Archives

Ads put car company under pressure

FRESHPAINT.jpgChevrolet recently used images of graffiti in marketing for their Sonic model of cars.

Sterling Downey, the founder of the Fresh Paint Gallery and the Under Pressure Graffiti festival says the images in the ads were taken from a mural that was created for the festival.

Now, he wants Chevrolet to compensate the artists.

But how can the law protect a form of art that is itself often illegal?

Listen to Jeanette's conversation with Sterling Downey:


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Corporations often draw on images from subcultures to sell their products, especially when a younger demographic is the target audience.

But there can be pitfalls in this strategy, says Justin Kingsley of the advertising agency, Sid Lee.

Listen to his conversation with Jeanette:

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We contacted Chevrolet and the ad agency the company works with. They did not provide a comment at the time of our broadcast.

There is an exhibit on right now at the Fresh Paint Gallery about this situation. For more photos, see our Facebook page.

(Photo credit: Kallee Lins) 

Cartooning Calamities!

Aislin.jpgCartooning Calamities! is an exhibition on at The McCord Museum until January 2013

The exhibition shows works by 16 editorial cartoonists. 

The "calamities" is a reference to the popular belief that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world or an apocalyptic catostrophe. 

The exhibition covers almost 150 years of current events as seen through the eyes of the cartoonists. 

Jeanette takes a tour with Terry Mosher, aka Aislin

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(Image by Terry Mosher, aka Aislin, courtesy of the McCord Museum)

New Cree Cultural Institute in Oujé-Bougoumou

creeculture.jpgIt's a weekend of celebration in Oujé-Bougoumou, a Cree community 750 miles north of Montreal. 

A beautiful new Cree Cultural Institute is holding it's grand opening celebrations June 7-9. 

This cultural centre has been a long time coming. Elders and community members have been working to make it a reality for more than a decade. 

Listen to Jeanette's conversation with Director of Programs, Sarah Pashagumskum.
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The concept of the building is modelled after traditional Cree dwellings. It was designed by architect Douglas Cardinal. Cardinal also designed the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, the First Nations University of Canada in Regina Saskatchewan, and many other buildings destined for use by First Nations people.

Listen to Douglas Cardinal's conversation with Jeanette: 
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The cultural centre comes at the right time, according to Matthew Iserhoof. 

He is one half of the Cree rock band CerAmony. (Pakesso Mukash is the other partner in the band.)

Iserhoof says with Jean Charest's Plan Nordthere is an increasing amount of pressure on the traditional culture and way of life of the Cree people. 

Listen to his conversation with Jeanette: 
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