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Visual Art: December 2011 Archives

Window Dressing

holt renfrew 025.jpgHolt Renfrew in Montreal has one of the most elaborate window displays in the province, especially at Christmas time.

There is a team of six people who work on the displays, and the theme continues inside the store.

We visited to the store to learn more about how the window (as well as all the decorations in the store) is put together.

Check out the entire photo album from our visit on our Facebook page.

Jeanette spoke with Giampiero Giacomini, the Manager of Visual Presentation for the Montreal store.

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The Canada Notebook

cahier_jaune.jpgChances are, if you went to school in Canada, you've written in a Hilroy Canada Notebook.

The inexpensive notebooks have become an iconic piece of Canadian product design.

In an exhibition on right now at the L'oeil de poisson in Quebec City, 65 artists have each created their own interpretation of the Canada Notebook.

It's called "Peut Mieux Faire" ("Can do better").

Listen to Jeanette's interview with curator Emmanuel Galland and artists Serge Tousignant  and Amelie Laurence Fortin.

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