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Visual Art: October 2011 Archives

Scent Sculptor

The sense of smell has been largely overlooked in artistic expression. But there is an exhibition on right now in Montreal that incorporates scent.

At the Galerie d'art Gala, artist Michel Gautier has created a forest of trees made in paper from recycled cotton. They resemeble totem poles.

And some of the sculptures have a kind of perfume spray pump on the side, and when you squeeze it, it sprays out the scent of the Laurentian forest.

Michael Moisseeff has created fragrances for this exhibition.

He's been working closely with Michel Gautier for years.  Michael Moisseeff lived in the Quebec in the 70's but now lives in Paris.  

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Occupy Montreal

banner.JPGWe headed down to Square Victoria where a massive tent city is set up for Occupy Montreal.

We found that street art and music play a big part in the protest movement.

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Farming on Film

guyedoinbigger.jpgDirector Guy Édoin's first feature film Marécages --  that's Wetlands in English -- is a gritty drama about life in rural Quebec. It was filmed on his family farm in St-Armand.

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It seems like a lot of films, theatre, and art reflect an urban existance. Young artistic people are often drawn to the city.

But what happens when art is made in the countryside. Can cutting edge work be done outside the city limits?

Robin Badger and Robert Chartier tackle that question. The husband and wife team create their pottery on 100 acre family farm in the mountains of the Eastern Townships.

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