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Urban Design: December 2012 Archives

A playground for adults

trekfit.jpgWould it be easier to do sit-ups if you were doing it on a beautiful apparatus?

The designers of some outdoor fitness equipment are among the winners of the 2012 Quebec Grands Prix du Design.

Trekfit is already installed in a handful of Montreal-area parks.

Listen to Jeanette's conversation with creator Eric Tomeo and industrial designer Vincent Clarizio.

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The way forward for the Olympic Park

mtl-olympic-stadium-cp-tp.jpgWhat should we do with the Olympic Stadium and the surrounding area that's become something of a mish mash of form and functionality?

A special committee has been looking at possible solutions - and consulting with the public.

That process has been generating some pretty creative ideas, including right here on this show.

Now the report with recommendations is finally out.

Lise Bissonnette is in charge of the committee. She's the former editor of Le Devoir and the force behind the construction of the Bibliotheque nationale.

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(Photo: Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press) 

Video game-like program allows citizens to "play" urban planner


There are some big decisions to be made about the urban planning of Montreal in the coming years.

For example, what will replace the Champlain Bridge? And how will the Turcot Interchange be redeveloped?

These major projects require public input, and a program called Betaville could help do that.

Carl Skelton of the Brooklyn Experimental Media Centre and Martin Koplin of the M2C Institute for Media Technology and Culture in Bremen, Germany have developed the program.

Koplin says Betaville enables citizens to see their city as a "sculpture" in progress, and reminds them that they can have a hand in shaping that sculpture.

Carl Skelton and Martin Koplin visited Montreal this week to give a workshop and public lecture about Betaville.

Listen to their interview with Jeanette:

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