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Disabled actors take to the stage in AVALe

AVALE.JPGCatherine Bourgeois is the co-founder of Joe, Jack et John Theatre. They're a professional theatre company in Montreal whose mandate is to combine actors with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder with non-disabled actors.

Their new play, AVALe, opens this week. Jeanette spoke to Catherine and Anthony Dolbec, an actor with autism spectrum disorder, about shattering prejudice around intellectual disability and how, sometimes, feeling like an outsider in the Quebec theatre scene is a good thing. 

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The Aeneid: Exploring the refugee experience... with puppets

This week's show is all about outsider storytelling, and how the sense that you don't belong to the mainstream can make for some powerful artistic statements. Montreal's Talisman Theatre is exploring the notion of the outsider through a classic story: The Aeneid.

But it's diverging from the Virgil epic in a number of ways--it's set in the present day. The cast is made up of immigrants to Quebec. It reworks the tale into a story of immigration and refugee experience.

And it does so with puppets.

Aeneid.JPGMarcelo Arroyo
and Deena Aziz are two of the actors/puppeteers in the performance. They sat down with Jeanette to discuss why this production is so relevant in Quebec right now.

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The Future

This week on on Cinq à Six we think about the future of traditional art forms.

We speak to the people behind the MSO's multi-dimensional installation at the futuristic SATosphere dome at the Société des Arts Technologiques, and get Maestro Kent Nagano's feelings about mixing his symphonic music with video art. 

Writers, bloggers, publishers and booksellers have spent part of the week in a blue-sky contemplation of one of our most defining cultural forms: literature. Panelists Katia Grubisic, the Canada Council`s Arash Mohtashami-Maali and Christopher diRaddo bring some of the discussion to our studio. 

And we take you behind the scenes of the world premiere of the play Unseamly, which rips apart the seams of the retail fashion industry and examines the complex sexual dynamics behind fashion marketing.
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