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Not all fun and games: Board game teaches teens about bullying, suicide

boardgame.jpgWe've talked before on the show about how video games can be powerful teaching tools.

But a Ph. D. candidate at Concordia University thinks there is still a place for board games in teaching as well.

William Robinson has invented a new board game called Gets it Better.

He was inspired by the It Gets Better online videos, which speak to young people about bullying.

Gets it Better is a game that trades in units of "high school happiness'. Bullies find that while treating others badly can seem good in the beginning, if the bullied player commits suicide in the game, the bully will lose happiness and be foreced to wear the "chains of guilt". (Jeanette is trying out the chains in the picture.)

Listen to Jeanette's conversation with William Robinson. They spoke as he was demonstrating his game at a recent conference on technology and education.

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