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First release for Warner Brothers Montreal game studio


Now, the Montreal team has its first release: Batman Arkham City Armored Edition

The game was released to coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Wii U

Timing that is a real coup for WB Montreal, says Vice President and Studio Head Martin Carrier. 

"It's a fantastic opportunity for us," he says.  

"We are a young studio. For us to be able to work on a franchise of this magnitude is really fantastic."

"Batman is a man of gadgets"

This latest version of the Batman Arkham City game uses the new "GamePad" tablet that sets the Wii U apart from other gaming systems.

In the game, Batman has a controller on his forearm.  "What Batman sees when he looks at his forearm at his computer is what the player sees when he or she is holding the GamePad," explains Carrier. 

"You are Batman. Holding the new controller lets you be a close to Batman as you've ever been before."

It's a "global competition"

It's thanks to government tax credits that video game studios Warner Brothers have installed themselves in Montreal. 

"Support from the government has been paramount... and now we are part of an international success story," says Carrier. 

Even though video games are a multi-billion dollar industry, Carrier says taxpayers and governments shouldn't count on weaning the companies off those subsidies. 

He says cities around the world have realized the cultural and economic benefit of video game studios. "People are clamouring to have these types of urban-based businesses in their vicinity." 

"Other territories have come up with their own tax credit approaches and the [Canadian] dollar has greatly appreciated." 

Carrier says cities in Ontario, the United Kingdom, and France have been especially aggressive in trying to lure game studios to set up shop.


Warner Brothers has provided us with one copy of Batman Arkham City Armored Edition for us to give away to one of our listeners/readers. 

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Listen to Jeanette's entire interview with Martin Carrier. 

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