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Women in Clothes - a new book connecting the stories of women and their sense of personal style.

Raymond Biesinger is an illustrator who talks about the contemporary creative life and its D>I>Y mentality.

Can a Heavy Metal lifestyle coexist within the contemplative mind of a painter?
Robb Reiner proves that it can - sort of.  

Incidents of "blackface" on the rise?

blackfacehabfans.jpgLast weekend at the Bell Centre a couple of white Montreal Canadiens fans showed up with afro wigs, and one of them had painted his face black.

Their motives were not really clear. Maybe they were trying to show their support for defenceman, P.K. Suban, who is black?

But in any case, this photo was snapped by Montreal Gazette photographer Dario Ayala, and the online reaction ensued.

Is painting ones face black always offensive? What if it was done with good intentions... even in admiration of a black athlete or artist?

Art history professor Charmaine Nelson says the history of blackface is just too painful and it's never okay.

And she says that alarmingly, she's seeing a resurgence of blackface incidents.

Listen to her interview with Jeanette:

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Elle Quebec puts model's curves front and centre

Justine Legault cover.jpg

This month's Elle Québec has a lot of people talking, and is even making headlines internationally

The May edition of the French-language magazine focuses on diversity. 

Fashion insiders are lauding the concept. 

But some in the fashion industry question why Justine Legault, the beautiful plus-size model on the cover was photographed in what seems to be an unflattering angle that would rarely be used for sample-sized models. 

An article in the magazine also revealed a lukewarm reception for plus-sized models among designers.

How much progress is being made in the fight to have more diversity of body types in the world of fashion?

Jeanette Kelly speaks to the magazine's brand director, Sandra Abi-Rahed, as well as Marie-Josée Trembe, the president of Specs Model Management

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