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Kid Koala, from child's play to Hollywood

kidkoala.jpgMontreal DJ Eric San, better known as Kid Koala, was recently recruited by director Baz Luhrmann to work on the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby.

Kid Koala's most recent album 12 bit Blues updates traditional blues sound with electronic music. It was nominated for the 2013 Polaris Prize.

The album comes with a cut-out cardboard hand-powered turntable, a kind of tribute to the DIY approach San took when he was learning how to DJ as kid.

Because, before he was a world-class DJ, he messed with Mozart's compositions and almost got kicked out of piano lessons, and then scratched his sister's and parent's records.

In this web exclusive, listen to Kid Koala tell Cinq à Six host Jeanette Kelly about his early years in electronic music, before things were really all that electronic.

(This will also give hope to any parent with a child who is rebelling in music lessons!)

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BONUS AUDIO: How did Montreal's Kid Koala end up being named after a furry Australian marsupial?

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(Photo: Ninja Tunes)