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Put some spring in your step: Our Easter-weekend playlist

Many youngsters are hunting for candies and easter eggs this weekend. So, we thought Cinq à Six listeners deserve a treat too!!

We're not talking about chocolate bunnies. The treat we have for you is a special edition of the show, packed full of musical discoveries.

For this holiday weekend, we decided to go to some cultural movers and shakers in Quebec, and ask them what songs they are listening to these days.

Michelle Marek, chef at the SAT Food Lab.

Montrealers know Michelle Marek for her delicious, ever-changing menu at Food Lab. But she's also a big music fan. She rubs shoulders with a pretty hip group of former Ottawans who for a time set up shop in Berlin, including Gonzales, Peaches and Mocky. (Mocky was actually born in in Saskatchewan, though, and recently moved from Berlin to Los Angeles.) Michelle's first choice is Make you Rich by Mocky  featuring Hilary Gay and Pegasus Warning.

You didn't know you needed saxophone in your life, says Michelle, and then Destroyer came along and made you realize you DO need saxophone. This song is called Kaputt.

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Are we just nostalgic?

366px-Girl_with_a_Hoop.JPGBy Jeanette Kelly

I grew up in a flat-roofed house, with pictures windows, floor to ceiling,
an open concept living and dining room and Danish modern furniture.

I loved the clean lines, the wood panelling on the walls and the views out over the poplar trees.

But I've never since then lived in a modern house!

My first apartment on rue Desjardins in Old Quebec was a rickety affair with deep stone walls and sloping floors.

My current home was built in the early 1920s with some oak trim and a couple of leaded glass windows.

I'm nostalgic for the modern. But it would seem that a lot of us are still stuck even further in the past.

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Martha at Yoko Ono's Berlin birthday bash

arts_martha-wainwright_584.jpgIn this Cinq à Six Web exclusive, Martha Wainwright talks to host Jeanette Kelly about her new album in French for the series Trauma, life on the tour bus, and what it was like to attend Yoko Ono's 80th birthday party in Berlin.

Why does Martha consider Yoko to be a "universal mother"?

Listen to the interview:

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