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music: December 2012 Archives

2012 Made-in-Quebec Playlist

We invited three music journalists to each bring us three songs that made an impact on them in the past year.

The result: The Cinq à Six 2012 Made-in-Quebec Playlist.

Nick Schofield

Nick is a musician (his group is called Saxsyndrum) and host of Underground Sounds on CKUT.

Here are his top three songs for 2012:




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Beyond Gangnam Style

This week on the show, we talked to two industrial designers from Quebec who are heading to South Korea looking for inspiration when it comes to planning public space. We wanted to to play a song to go with the interview.

The huge YouTube hit "Gangnam Style" is perhaps the first Korean pop (a.k.a. K-Pop) song many Westerns have heard, but now there are few people who haven't heard that song. We aim to help our listeners discover other music, so we put out a call to some people in the know to suggest some other artists and songs from Korea.

It may not be surprising that we got an enthusiastic response from several K-Pop aficionadios. We could only play one song, and we liked the sound of this song called "Hello Hello" from a group called FT Island:

Here are the other suggestions we've received:

Artist: FT Island / Song: I Wish

Artist: CN Blue / Song: I'm a Loner

Artist: Super Junior / Song: Sorry Sorry

Artist: 2NE1 / Song: I am the Best

Artist: Brown Eyed Girls / Song: Abracadabra

Artist: Big Bang/ Song: Fantastic Baby

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We're sure you have some songs to add! You can comment below or on our Facebook page.