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Dialect no debate for Acadian musicians


The three members of Radio Radio grew up in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, speaking Chiac. 

(That's Acadian French with English and old French words and expressions mixed in.)

The band is now based in Montreal, but they continue to write catchy songs in Chiac, which are for the most part, well received. 

They won the 2012 ADISQ Award for Hip Hop Album of the Year, and are nominated in the CBC Radio 3 Bucky Awards in the Best Reason to Learn French category. (You can vote in the Bucky Awards -- click here.)

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Oliver Jones at home


 A lovely black grand piano.  

Sheet music strewn around.

This is the scene at the home of Oliver Jones.

Cinq à Six host Jeanette Kelly visits the jazz great as he prepares to record a new album.

He also speaks about his involvement in a program called Reach Out with Music.

One of the musicians from The Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul gives free music lessons to children at the Tyndale-St. George's Community Centre. And the church members have been donating money for musical instruments.

This is the community that Oliver Jones grew up in and now, he's giving back.

Listen to Jeanette's interview with Oliver Jones:

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