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music: September 2012 Archives

Compose your emotions

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Composers may hope to express a certain feeling with their music. And many people say listening to music can make them feel happy or sad. 

But what -- in essence-- is the sound of emotions? 

Concordia Master of Studio Arts student Erin Gee is trying to answer that question. She's working on a project to create a composition made from the sound of human emotions. 

The sound of a feeling is captured by a very small needle that reads the electrical currents in the subject's nerve. 

Listen to the sound of Erin's anxiety, and hear her interview with Jeanette.
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Opera gets sexy

barihunk.jpgBarihunk (baritone + hunk = barihunk) Etienne Dupuis has hired two personal trainers, months before he takes on the starring role in the Opéra de Montreal production of Dead Man Walking

Opera singers are facing more and more pressure to have a beautiful voice and a beautiful body. 

Listen to Jeanette's interview with Etienne.

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Your Say: Does this make opera more accessible in an image-based society, or does it degrade the art form? Comment on our Facebook page.

Suburban Scene

Rock band Metric playing in an arcade. A Patrick Watson concert in a church. 

Sounds like something that would happen in Montreal's hipster enclave of the Mile End, but we're talking about Laval here. 

Julien Aidelbaum has been instrumental in cultivating an suburban music scene on Montreal's North shore. 

He's been organizing gigs since he was a teenager, and now at 21, he's the alt-music guy at Scène 1425, the promotional arm of Laval concert hall Salle André-Mathieu

"I lived there [in Laval] when I was in high school and there wasn't that much to do," explains Aidelbaum. 

"You could feel the young crowd wanting to have more closer to them."

"We're convinced there are enough people and that not everyone from Laval takes their car or takes the metro down to Montreal to check out bands," he says. 

Making the case for bands to come play in the suburbs is "not easy, but it's getting easier."

Listen to Jeanette's interview with Julien Aidelbaum.
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