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Is Montreal a world jazz capital?

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From its rich history of clubs during the prohibition era, to Montreal International Jazz Festival and the recent creation of the Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal and jazz have had a long relationship. 

But these days, musicians are more likely to come from a post-graduate school of music than to rise up through the jazz club scene, learning from other musicians.

What effect is this having on the kind of music being made, and the kind of music people want to listen to? 

For 18 years, Joel Giberovich is the owner of Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill.They have live concerts every week and are also a venue in the Montreal Jazz Festival. 

Lorraine Desmarais is a multiple award-winning jazz pianist and composer. 

And Chet Doxas is a saxophonist and band leader.

They gathered in studio with Cinq à Six host Jeanette Kelly and (soon-to-be-retired) Tonic host Katie Malloch. Listen to their conversation: 
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(In the photo: Back row, left to right, Jeanette Kelly, Tonic producer Scott Tresham, Chet Doxas, Joel Giberovich. Front row, seated, Katie Malloch, Lorraine Desmarais. Photo Credit: Tanya Birkbeck)