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music: January 2012 Archives

Super Mario at a Rave!

XC3N-8static.jpgChiptune music is a fairly new and underground genre of music that uses sounds from old-school video game consoles.

Francis Rodrig is the founder of a Chiptune collective here in Montreal called Toy Company.

He's planning a two-day Chiptune festival in Montreal on February 10 & 11, 2012.

Listen to some of his music (not copyrighted) and hear his conversation with Jeanette:

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Igloofest: showing winter's playful side

igloofest snowstorm.jpgIgloofest is an electronic music festival that's held entirely outdoors during the month of January.

And the culture of winter -- especially the notion of winter as a time to get outside and play -- is at the root of why Igloofest now draws over 60,000 snowsuited, toque-wearing dancers to Montreal's old port every year.

Jeanette talks to Nicolas Cournoyer, the co-founder and general director of Igloofest, and VJ Caroline Blais, also known as Chocobeets, about how getting people to dance in a snowstorm really brings out their inner child. 

(And speaking of snowstorms, here's a video of Chocobeets' VJ art at Igloofest 2009.)

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