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L'adresse symphonique, Montreal's new concert hall

Montreal View02A.jpgMontreal's new concert hall, L'adresse symphonique, opens on Wednesday, September 7. Music lovers have been waiting for this day for over two decades.


The Orchestre symphonique de Montréal will inaugurate its new home with a concert featuring Beethoven's 9th Symphony. 

Beginning at 9 pm this evening (Wednesday), you can tune in to CBC Radio 2 (93.5 FM)  to hear Beethoven Live from Montreal hosted by Katie Malloch. 
Also, on CBC TV "Live from Montreal: A CBC/Radio-Canada Special Presentation" - the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal performs Beethoven's Ode to Joy, accompanied by Cirque Eloize in a live performance of inspirational music, words and the movement".

This programme will be broadcast on CBC TV  at 21:00 ET(22:00 in the Maritimes).  This broadcast, hosted by Katie Malloch, will feature the performance of Beethoven 9 mixed with images of the Cirque Eloize live at the Quartier des spectacles outside the new hall (free for anyone in MTL to attend), as well as pretaped testimonies of a number of Canadians mixed with the music from the Adagio of the Symphony (3rd movement).
The concert will be available on's Concerts on Demand the next day (September 8).

But before we've had a chance to step inside and hear the music,people are talking about the design of the outside of the building.

Nathalie Petrowski is a cultural commentator for La Presse. She says the building lacks a "wow" factor.

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Jack Diamond, chief architect of the new concert hall, defends the design.

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Montreal Symphony Orchestra maestro Kent Nagano wants as many people as possible to step inside the new concert hall. There is an open house next Thursday through Saturday. Click here to see the schedule.