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Cinq à Six in the Summer -- August 20, 2011

martha01.jpgIt's a daunting quest to tackle the 'oeuvre' of France's legendary femme fatale Edith Piaf, but Martha Wainwright admits she's not one to play it safe when it comes to her music.

In this CBC Radio 2 recording during the Mondial Choral Festival in Laval Quebec, Wainwright demonstrates her love of  'la chanson française'. It is a fitting tribute to the gravel-voiced Parisian who is still revered by a fiercely devoted fan base, not just as a musician but as an emblem of French culture and a martyr to doomed love.

(Listen to the concert again.)

Concerts featured on Cinq à Six in the Summer are all available on the CBC Radio 2 Concerts on Demand Web site.