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Cinq à Six in the Summer -- July 30, 2011

laveaux1.jpgThis week on the show, we feature two new Montreal singer-songwriters.

Melissa Laveaux's family comes from Haiti, but she was born in Montreal and grew up moving around South-Eastern Ontario before finally settling in Ottawa.

In live performance, Laveaux's throaty vocals and percussive guitar-playing draws from a deep and intimate knowledge of the global musical milieu. It's a bilingual raw mix of acoustic soul/jazz and percussive Haitian folklore. This concert was recored for Canada Live taping at Club Balattou.

(Listen to the concert again.)

Singer-songwriter Ian Kelly tours the world but calls Montreal home. His second album, Speak Your Mind earned him rave reviews and 2 ADISQ nominations.  The songs are loaded with messages reflecting the pre-occupations of a sensitive and intelligent young man of 30: things like love, war, and the environment.

This concert was recorded for CBC Radio 2 at the 2010 Osheaga Festival in Montreal.

(Listen to the concert again.)

Concerts featured on Cinq à Six in the Summer are all available on the CBC Radio 2 Concerts on Demand Web site.

You can find the schedule for all episodes of Cinq à Six in the summer on the CBC Montreal Community Web page.