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"Bla Bla" -- A film for your computer

bla bla and opera 004.jpgMarch 17, 2012 UPDATE: Vincent Morisset won the Interactive Award for Art at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. 

We spoke to him on the show when the film was first released. 

More and more of us are watching films on our laptops, desktops, tablets... even on our phones!

Our viewing habits have changed, but for the most part, nothing has changed in the way the films are made. They are still created as if people are only watching on TVs and big screens.

Montreal filmmaker Vincent Morisset is the execption. A self-described "Web-friendly director" he's made a film with the National Film Board that is created just for computers.

It's called Bla Bla, and it's different because it's interactive. Experience it by clicking here. You can affect the characters and create sounds using your mouse.

Listen to Pierre's interview with Vincent Morisset.

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