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Are bilingual films a good idea?

We've yet to see the box office results, but the critics have been rather harsh with Kevin Tierney's new bilingual film, French Immersion.  

The film is a comedy about five Anglophones learning French in a small town in rural Quebec. It opened in theatres on Friday.

Many film writers have accused the film of relying too much on tired sterotypes of both Quebecers and English Canadians.

Another bilingual film, Bon Cop, Bad Cop was a success with both the critics and the audience.

But now we are wondering if it was a bilingual "one hit wonder" rather than the start of a new genre.

Is it really possible to make bilingual films that appeal to both francophone Quebecers and anglophones in the rest of Canada?

Pierre speaks with Gavin Crawford, an actor from Alberta who is perhaps best known for his role on This Hour Has 22 Minutes. He plays one of the lead roles in French Immersion.

And Manon Dumais is the cinema columnist for Voir.   

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