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Jessica Paré imports French-Canadian flair on Mad Men

JessicaParé.jpgFans of the American TV series Mad Men are eagerly awaiting the show's sixth season which begins next month. 

One of the biggest questions is what will happen in the marriage between main character Don Draper and his much younger French-Canadian wife, Megan. 

Jessica Paré, the real-life actress who plays Megan, grew up Montreal's NDG neighbourhood.

When she landed the role, she only knew her that character, Megan Calvet, would be in at least two episodes. 

Then a costume designer came to fit her for a ring. Jessica ended up playing the woman who tamed Don Draper - for now. 

Cinq à Six guest host Raji Sohal speaks to Jessica about the pressures of being an "it" girl and how her background inspired the writer of the show.

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Anglos blasé about French culture

FRENCHCULTURE.JPGDespite the fact that a majority of Quebec anglophones speak French, English-speakers seem to have little interest in French culture.

As a part of Living English programming, CBC Montreal commissioned a poll which asked anglophones about wide rage of topics, including the consumption of culture.

More than half of Quebec anglophones rarely or NEVER listen to the radio, watch TV, read a newspaper or look at Web sites in French.

So why aren't anglophones interested in the culture around them?

Listen to host Jeanette Kelly's conversation with Voir film critic Manon Dumais, CultMtl culture editor Emily Raine, and Nightlife music writer Olivier Lalande.

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Note: Survey results are based on a telephone survey using a random sample of 1001 Anglophone Quebecers (Anglophone as defined by Statistics Canada Census data), 18-years and older. The margin of error is +/- 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Legendary Quebec director Denys Arcand releases his first novel

denys-arcand-cp-250-3577021.jpgDenys Arcand is a giant of Quebec filmmaking.

You know him for films like the Barbarian Invasions, The Decline of the American Empire, and Jesus of Montreal.

Now, Arcand has come out with a novel called Euchariste Moisan.

Listen to his conversation with Cinq à Six host Jeanette Kelly.

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