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"I can't even afford to buy my own clothes" says young Montreal designer

bythomas.jpgShe's been billed as one of Montreal's most exciting rising design stars.

Her line By Thomas was chosen as one of 5 finalists for this year's Québec Emerging Designer Award.

So why is Natasha Thomas giving up on her business?

Thomas says Montreal is NOT the fashion capital we would like to think it is, saying it's "ridiculous" trying to make it financially in this city.

Thomas says there's no way she could afford to buy the clothes she creates, and she says a lot of fashionable Montrealers -- despite good intentions -- also lack the funds to encourage emerging talent.

It's been so hard to make ends meet, "I actually stopped shopping all together since I started this company," says the 31-year-old designer.

Thomas hasn't ruled out going back to designing. But first, she's going to get a job so she can finally afford a new pair of jeans.

Listen to her interview with Jeanette Kelly.

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(Photo: By Thomas.)