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La Montréalaise sweater an instant hit for designer

barila 004.jpgSabrina Barilà is a Montreal designer who usually makes feminine clothes out of fine fabrics.

So it came as a real surprise to her when a design that she created on a whim became an instant hit.

Barilà made a simple cotton sweatshirt, with a bow tie and the words "La Montréalaise. Live the life you love."

It sold out within a day of being posted on the designer's facebook page.

Barilà guesses that a sense of pride about Montreal is part of the reason the shirt has been so popular.

So what is the lesson she has learned as a fashion designer? "Do more things just for fun."

Listen to Sabrina Barilà's conversation with Cinq à Six guest host Raji Sohal.

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(If you would like to purchase one of the sweaters, please e-mail