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The Evolution of Men's Fashion


Men's fashion has come a long way in recent years. 

This year at the 23rd edition of Montreal Fashion Week, a round-table discussion was held to talk about changing attitudes regarding men and style. 
"I remember, not too long ago, for me as a kid, guys wearing bright colours was unheard of," said Olympic diver Alexandre Despatie.
"I think it's a great turn because now there's so much variety in the clothing, the colour, the styles, the facial hair, the hair styles. And they are all acceptable."
Despatie says he did some shopping at Paul Smith while in London for the Olympics-- not a surprise given the generous use of colour in many of the British designer's creations.
Athletes like Despatie have a big effect on men's changing view on dressing up, says blogger Daniel Trepanier.
Trepanier is originally from small-town Ontario but he now writes The Style Blogger from his home base in New York.  
"Guy are certanily a lot more image conscious now than they've ever been," explained Trepanier.
"Look at the athletes. They are all becoming style icons. You are seeing these masculine guys... they are also well-dressed and well put-together."
Listen to Jeanette Kelly speak to three of the panelists:
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(Photo: Variations in men's fashion at Montreal Fashion Week. Credit: Jeanette Kelly.)