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I am Leah, I am LilyBear

week of jan 28 006.jpgMeet Leah Delisle.

Most of the time, she's Leah-- a young woman with curly red hair, someone who dresses modestly, and teaches kindergarten at a French school.

But for around 25 hours a week, she's LilyBear--  a buxom redhead who scales the buildings of ancient cities and works as an assasin.

Leah has competed in international-level videogame competitions, she playtests games for Ubisoft, and and she works for a team of female gamers.

All this... and Leah is completely deaf.

(Photos: Top left, Jeanette interviewing Leah at her house, bottom left, Leah recreating a scene from Assasin's Creed during a recent visit to Jerusalem.)


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