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Digital Art: January 2012 Archives

I am Leah, I am LilyBear

week of jan 28 006.jpgMeet Leah Delisle.

Most of the time, she's Leah-- a young woman with curly red hair, someone who dresses modestly, and teaches kindergarten at a French school.

But for around 25 hours a week, she's LilyBear--  a buxom redhead who scales the buildings of ancient cities and works as an assasin.

Leah has competed in international-level videogame competitions, she playtests games for Ubisoft, and and she works for a team of female gamers.

All this... and Leah is completely deaf.

(Photos: Top left, Jeanette interviewing Leah at her house, bottom left, Leah recreating a scene from Assasin's Creed during a recent visit to Jerusalem.)


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"Art-house" arcade

If you are old enough, you might remember going to an arcade to play video games.

But then consoles like Sega and Nintendo turned gaming into something most people do at home, often alone.

saleem.jpgThe Mount Royal Games Society and Concordia's TAG research center are aiming to get gamers out of their dark basements and back in public space.

They're planning a public arcade

And at this arcade, gamers and non-gamers alike will have a chance to discover something other than what the multi-million dollar gaming companies are offering.

Saleem Dabbous describes it as a sort of "art-house" game culture, where independent game makers push the boundaries of the sensations and emotions that can be experienced while playing a video game.

Listen to Jeanette's conversation with Saleem.  

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Super Mario at a Rave!

XC3N-8static.jpgChiptune music is a fairly new and underground genre of music that uses sounds from old-school video game consoles.

Francis Rodrig is the founder of a Chiptune collective here in Montreal called Toy Company.

He's planning a two-day Chiptune festival in Montreal on February 10 & 11, 2012.

Listen to some of his music (not copyrighted) and hear his conversation with Jeanette:

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