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St-Henri restaurant serves up delicious decor


Does food taste better in a beautiful atmosphere?

Interior designer Jean De Lessard thinks so.

De Lessard says he has often eaten in Indian restaurants while visiting London, England.

He says he enjoyed colourful, fragrant and tasty meals, but found that the decor was not as pleasant as what he found on his plate.

So when Rex Patel, the owner a new Indian restaurant in St-Henri called him, De Lessard knew he wanted to design a eating space that was worthy of the food that would be served.

The result is Le Rasoï, a restaurant that blends contemporary design with Indian tradition.

See a photo album of Le Rasoï on our Facebook page.  

The design has caught the attention of many, including the editors of South Korean design magazine bob, who put an image of the restaurant's hand-painted ceiling on the cover.

Listen to a clip from Jeanette Kelly's interview with Jean De Lessard.

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(Photo: Tanya Birkbeck/CBC)