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Culture Quiz

Anvil's Robb Reiner ready to reveal his paintings in Montreal

 In a world of musical stereotypes - Heavy Metal bands like AC/DC , Motorhead and Metallica tend to take on the mantle of the angry, alienated and rebellious outcast. It's a world made up of mostly young males pumping their fists to woofer shattering bass drum beats and sizzling lead guitar solos.

So - when one of Metal's most famous drummers - drops the 'drum sticks' to pick up a brush to paint on canvas - you have to be just a little curious ! 

Today, in our Toronto studio is Robb Reiner -  the drummer of the Canadian  iconic metal band, Anvil. Next Thursday - Sept 25th  Reiner will present his first 'street-level' gallery exhibition - at Montreal's BBAM Gallery.                                                         

Adam Cohen takes the Culture Quiz

adam_cohen.jpgMusician Adam Cohen came by the studio to take the Cinq à Six Culture Quiz. 
Listen to his conversation with Jeanette to discover why he's not reading books (and what he's reading instead), what he doesn't leave home without when he travels, and what songs get stuck in his head. 
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Chelsea Smokehouse

chelsea smokehouse 001.jpgThe often-overlooked Outaouais Region is in the spotlight for the Montreal Highlights Festival. 

Jeanette went to the Marché Jean Talon to meet with James Hargraves and Line Boyer, the owners of the Chelsea Smokehouse

They "don't smoke beavers" (listen to the audio to see what we mean) but they do smoke everything from butter to oysters, in addition to running a small restaurant called Le Resto.

James and Line tell us about their business, the remarkable story of how they got together (It involves a trip to the North Pole...) and then take the Cinq à Six Culture Quiz. 
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Here are links to some of the people and places James and Line mentioned in the Culture Quiz: 

Favourite Public Space: The National Gallery of Canada
Favourite Restaurant in the Outaouais Region: Les Fougères and Domus Café
One to Watch: Photographer Louise Tanguay 
Favourite Quebec Blog: Mitaine écarlate
A link they recently shared: Olivia Chocolat from Cantley, Quebec