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Cinq à Six in the Summer -- August 4, 2012

Today on the show, we feature emerging talent from Montreal. 

First up, Mike Evin and the Darlington String Quartet, live at the Segal Centre. 

And in the second part of the show,  D'Harmo -- a Montreal collective featuring the harmonica quartet D'Harmo -- Jason Rosenblatt, Pascal "Per" Veillette, Samuël Caron and Lévy Bourbonnais -- as well as multi-talented percussionist Moïse Yawo Matey and versatile vocalist Sabah Lachgar.

Inspired by such musical genres as klezmer, Québécois folk, jazz and classical, D'Harmo Monde is at once contemporary and eclectic. 

Their music is a fusion of West African, Arab, Spanish, Jewish and Québécois cultures that showcases the astonishing and unexpected sounds of the harmonica.