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Cinq à Six in the Summer

Anvil's Robb Reiner ready to reveal his paintings in Montreal

 In a world of musical stereotypes - Heavy Metal bands like AC/DC , Motorhead and Metallica tend to take on the mantle of the angry, alienated and rebellious outcast. It's a world made up of mostly young males pumping their fists to woofer shattering bass drum beats and sizzling lead guitar solos.

So - when one of Metal's most famous drummers - drops the 'drum sticks' to pick up a brush to paint on canvas - you have to be just a little curious ! 

Today, in our Toronto studio is Robb Reiner -  the drummer of the Canadian  iconic metal band, Anvil. Next Thursday - Sept 25th  Reiner will present his first 'street-level' gallery exhibition - at Montreal's BBAM Gallery.                                                         

Cinq à Six in the Summer: Interview with Richard Lafrance: The Montreal International Reggae Festival

This week we are taking you to Jamaica !  Well not exactly... 

Reggae aficianado and publicist  Richard Lafrance drops by to present his Top Ten Picks of artists appearing at this year's International Reggae Festival.  

The Montreal International Reggae Festival - offers three days of "Reggae Rocking" on the Quays of The Old Port. With an aim to not only showcase the pulsating Reggae beat of internationally renown musicians, but also to highlight excellence amongst a diverse set of 'Reggae Ambassadors' from all corners of the world including Canadian based musicians. Consistently embracing the theme, "United Against Violence" the Montreal International Reggae Festival has become a significant tradition for Reggae music lovers in and outside of Canada.
The host of Cinq-a-Six is Jeanette Kelly.
Frank Opolko is the producer.

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Cinq à Six in the Summer: Live Performance from Hannah Georgas

On the show this week, we'll take you to the west coast for an intimate and spontaneous hour of music featuring Hannah Georgas and Ryan Guldemond. They are friends and  frequent collaborators. 

Our show features songs from their most recent project. 

Since 2012, Georgas has toured internationally as part of Kathleen Edwards' supporting band, and her second, self-titled album was released on 2 October 2012 which was long listed for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize. The album won Pop Recording of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2013.

She was nominated for Songwriter of the Year and Alternative Album of the Year at the 2013 Juno Awards, and played her single "Robotic" at the awards ceremony.

Jeanette Kelly is the Host of Cinq-a-Six.

Frank Opolko is the producer.