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Books: April 2012 Archives

Montreal International Poetry Prize

You may remember last year on the show when we first told you about the Montreal International Poetry Prize

It's a new poetry prize, open to poets around the world, that offers the impressive sum of $50,000 for the winning poem. 

The prize was made possible by an anonymous $50,000 catalyst donation. 

Mark Tredinnick from Australia is the first-ever winner of the prize. He won for his poem Walking Underwater.

An anthology featuring the top 50 finalists has been published. (Available from Vehicule Press or on Amazon.) 

We have two copies of the Global Poetry Anthology to give away. To enter, go to our Facebook page and tell us, who is your favourite living poet? 

Listen to Jeanette's interview with Mark and Montreal Prize co-director Asa Boxer. 
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Listen to Mark Tredinnick read his winning poem Walking Underwater
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Judging Books by their Covers

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Remember the old saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover"? 

Conventional thinking was that it's the ideas inside that matter, not the packaging. 

That adage seemed to make sense, but it's little less certain now. As e-books become more and more popular, the very existence of the book as a physical objects is being brought into question. 

The SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art in Montreal is holding an exhibition called Judging books by their Covers

Considering that things may be very different for future generations, the exhibition looks at the role books have taken on our lives. 

Listen to Jeanette's interview with curator Peter White. 
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(Photo credit: Tanya Birkbeck)

Beautiful Books

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Le port de tête is a bookstore located in Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood where the owners have carefully curated a collection of beautiful books for their customers. 

The store sells only books, no CDs, no reading lights, and no coffee mugs. 

The shelves are handmade from wood.

And the books are chosen as much for how they look as for the content inside. 

Listen to Jeanette's interview with co-owner Éric Blackburn:
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