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Richard Sommer's Cancer Songs

Nobody is cured of life itself, which ends. -- RIchard Sommer

One year ago, poet Richard Sommer published a book of poetry called Cancer Songs

Its is a books of poems written as he went through diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer. 

It is a book not so much about cancer, he says in the foreword, but about his response to it. 

Richard had been writing poetry most of his life. He taught creative writing at Concordia University. 

But this book was one that really got personal. 

Last fall his cancer spread to his bones and then, finally, his lungs. 
Richard Sommer passed away on February 13, 2012. 

In December 2011, CBC journalist David Gutnick visited Richard at home near Freligsburg. He interviewed Richard and recorded him reading his poems. 

Listen to the documentary:
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We played the documentary on Cinq à Six, as Richard's wife and partner of more than 40 years listened in studio. 

Here is Vicki Tansey's conversation with Jeanette:
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Richard Sommer's Cancer Songs can be ordered on-line at: (if you don't live in Canada)

Cancer Songs can also be special-ordered at your local bookstore.