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Should we have more World Heritage sites in Quebec?

christinacameron.jpgOld Quebec and Miguasha National Park are the two World Heritage sites in Quebec.  

World Heritage sites are designated by UNESCO. They are places that are given special protection to preserve their natural or cultural attributes.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention -- the organization that makes that list.

So how well is it working? Are there other areas in this province that should be added to the list?

Christina Cameron is a Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Montreal. She is the Canada Research Chair on Built Heritage, and the vice president of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. She's also working on a book about the origins of the heritage convention.

Listen to Jeanette's conversation with Christina Cameron:  

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Can Quebec learn from Soviet-era architecture?

Originally from Kirkland, Jason Tsironis is a graduate of the School of Architecture at McGill. He's presently working in London at the firm Caruso St John.

Tsironis has just been awarded the Canada Council Prix de Rome for emerging architects.

He will be studying the evolution of Soviet architecture, and he says his work will also apply to Quebec and Canada, when it comes to finding new uses for empty churches. 

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Listen to his conversation with Jeanette.

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