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Sid Lee redefines advertising

Architecture, furniture design and short films on the Web. 

These are just some of the artistic endeavours that take place at Sid Lee

Sid Lee is an advertising agency that got its start in Montreal and is now recognized as one of the world's leading advertising shops. 

Sid Lee now has offices in Toronto, Amsterdam, Paris, Toronto and Austin. 

The world of marketing --and in fact the very definition of advertising -- has come a long way from the Mad Men era, when admen (and a few women!) produced copy for print ads and TV was the new frontier.

Listen to Jeanette's interview with Sid Lee partner Justin Kinglsey. 
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Note: Jeanette begins by asking Justin about Homeless Hotspots. This was a marketing stunt that garnered a lot of buzz at South by Southwest. Thirteen homeless people were hired to work as human Wi-Fi hotspots during the annual cultural festival held in Austin, Texas. Read more CBC coverage of Homeless Hotspots here and here.

(Photo of Justin Kingsley courtesy Sid Lee.)