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Anvil's Robb Reiner ready to reveal his paintings in Montreal

 In a world of musical stereotypes - Heavy Metal bands like AC/DC , Motorhead and Metallica tend to take on the mantle of the angry, alienated and rebellious outcast. It's a world made up of mostly young males pumping their fists to woofer shattering bass drum beats and sizzling lead guitar solos.

So - when one of Metal's most famous drummers - drops the 'drum sticks' to pick up a brush to paint on canvas - you have to be just a little curious ! 

Today, in our Toronto studio is Robb Reiner -  the drummer of the Canadian  iconic metal band, Anvil. Next Thursday - Sept 25th  Reiner will present his first 'street-level' gallery exhibition - at Montreal's BBAM Gallery.                                                         

Can traditional media lure the digital ad dollar?

alexis_robin_grande (1).jpgAt some point we all realized that money does not grow on trees, but can it grow digitally? Our host Jeanette sat down with Alexis Robin who is in charge of digital advertising with the ad agency lg2 to find out!

Many of us spend much of our time plugged in throughout the day, whether that be on a smart phone, computer or tablet.

But who is producing what we consume and how are they making their money?

Click below to listen to how sustainable this is and what the future holds for traditional media outlets.Let us know your thoughts by Tweeting using #5a6 or visit our Facebook page!

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(Photo: lg2 website)

La Presse Wants Plus

lapresseplus.jpgNewspapers are trading paper for pixels as they desperately try to find ways to make more money! La Presse Plus, the tablet app, is trying to change the way the newspaper has been telling stories for the past 100 years. 

The new tablet application contains all that would be in the print edition but more: interactivity, video, and data representations.

Simon Jennings, who is in charge of selling ads for La Presse, says that the advertising world has been receptive. Click below to listen to Jeanette's conversation with Simon! Are you going to give up your morning paper for a pixel? Let us know what you think by Tweeting with #5a6 or visiting us on our Facebook page.

(Photo: La Presse Plus website)
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