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December 2013 Archives

Margaret Atwood on purr therapy

napoleon.jpgAt a recent appearance in Montreal, Margaret Atwood described the attributes of the "crakers" in her Oryx and Crake trilogy.

Crakers are a bio-engineered super race. Atwood describes them as "an improvement on us" because they don't wear clothes, and don't need sunscreen or insect repellant.

They also have the abilility to self-heal with purring. Atwood acknowledges, the idea that cats provide health benefits isn't just fictional.

Listen to Margaret Atwood explain.

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Made-in-Quebec gift ideas

scarves.jpgWe visited the newly-opened Lowell boutique in Montreal.

It's a store founded by the designers behind recycled fur label Rachel F.

Lowell's Penelope Plante showed us stylish Christmas gifts, all made in the province of Quebec.

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Listen as Penelope describes her gift ideas to Jeanette Kelly:


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Photo: Knitwear by Breed. (Tanya Birkbeck/CBC)