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Schools shouldn't "blindly" integrate technology

professormetal.jpegVivek Venkatesh is an Associate Dean at the Concordia Department of Education

He also happens to be a huge fan of metal music. 

Venkatesh uses online chat forums about metal music to study the way people learn using technology.

As many academic institutions are grappling with how to integrate techology and social media into the classroom, Venkatesh has some surprising findings.

Teachers think discussions and interactive activites create a positive experience in the classroom.

But students say the best predictors of class enjoyment are stimulating lectures, regardless of whether or not technology is used. 

"There is a large movement to digitizing," explains Venkatesh,  "because it's becomes such an integral part of our life, we would expect that it also becomes part of our education and training domain."

"But I think it's a mistake to subscribe to it in a blind fashion. Often, people want that face-to-face contact, and they want that to be blended with some sort of online discussions."

Listen to Vivek Venkatesh's conversation with Cinq à Six host Jeanette Kelly.  

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Photo: Tanya Birkbeck