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Looking like a leader

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For the first time ever, Quebecers have elected a female premier.

Pauline Marois joins four other female provincial and territorial leaders in Canada.

Another party leader, Françoise David, the president and co-spokesperson of Quebec Solidaire is also going to the National Assembly.

But even as more women are elected, female politicians still face incredible scrutiny when it comes to the way they dress and how they look.

It's like stepping into a minefield, says Lise Ravary, a Journal de Montreal and Huffington Post Quebec columnist and former editor of womens magazines like Châtelaine, Elle Canada and Elle Québec.

"Whenever I bring this up, people turn to me and say shut up about this. This is so superficial," says Ravary.

"This is not superficial," she insists. "This is the age of image."

So do our female politicians have the look of a leader?

Listen to Jeanette's interview with Lise:

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(Photo Credit: Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)