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The Ice Cloud: Reimagining winter in the Quartier des Spectacles

Nuage-de-givre_c_Martine-doyon_PQDS_04.jpgA new outdoor installation in Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles is literally changing the way we look at winter.

The Ice Cloud is an outdoor installation of "ephemeral land art" that interacts with winter in a dramatic way. Here's a great article about it in World Architecture News; and here's the live webcam Jeanette mentions in the interview.

The Ice Cloud consists of 5,500 cryopacks hanging from a series of nets to create a 35,000 square-foot canopy that people walk under on their way through the space.

Winter shapes the user's experience of the installation with fluctuations in temperature, light and wind.

Jeanette talks with Jean Beaudoin, the co-designer of the Ice Cloud, about winter's role as a creative partner in the installation.

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