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Chef Hugue Dufour and the future of M. Wells


DSC_1390.jpgWith his restaurant, M. Wells, chef Hugue Dufour was responsible for one of the most spectacular stories in Quebec cuisine in the past year - except it didn't actually happen in Quebec.

In its short 14-month lifespan, M. Wells - situated in Queens - won raves from Time Out New York, The New Yorker and the New York Times. And just before shutting down, M. Wells was named one of the best 10 new restaurants in America by Bon Appetit magazine.

So what's the future of M. Wells? As Jeanette finds out, there's a luncheonette planned for MoMA PS1 - the more experimental arm of MoMA, based in Queens. And then, just for fun, there's a steakhouse/catamaran combo...

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