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December 2011 Archives

Quebec Writing Competition Winners

QWF Gala 003.jpgWe are pleased to announce the winning entries to the 2011 Quebec Writing Competition.

The awards were presented by Jeanette Kelly at the Quebec Writers Federation Gala.

The judges were Drew Nelles, Jaspreet Singh and Johanna Skibsrud.

Grand Prize Winner ($1000)

Someone Has to Save Us from This by Kasper Hartman.

Listen to Kasper's story:

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Christmas Eve Concert Special

Our Christmas Eve special features music from two Christmas concerts recorded earlier this fall.


The McGill/CBC Youth Choir Gala

This 9th edtion of the annual Youth Choir Gala, features members of the English Montreal School Board Senior Choir, Les Voix Boréales, and the McGill Conservatory Youth Choir.

It was recorded in Studio 12 of the Maison Radio Canada in Montreal.

The young choristers were joined by three special guests: soprano Shannon Mercer from Toronto; harpist Valerie Milot from Trois Rivieres, and guest conductor Douglas Dunsmore from St John's Newfoundland.

Click here to listen to this concert again on CBC Concerts on Demand.


Noël avec André Gagnon

Legendary Quebec pianist André Gagnon performs with the Choeur l'Orphéon and the Orchestre symphonique de Trois Rivières under the direction of Jacques Lacombe.

This concert was recorded in Trois-Rivières, at the salle J-Antonio Thompson. 

The making of... our Christmas Eve special

We're working on a special Christmas Eve show full of beautiful music.

We will be featuring excerpts from two Christmas concerts recorded earlier this fall: The CBC McGill Youth Choir Gala and André Gagnon with L'Orphéon de Trois-Rivières and L'Orchestre symphonique de Trois-Rivières.

We hope you will join us Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24, 17h-18h.

Until then, here is a video of the "making of" the Youth Choir Gala. (VJ: Matthieu Lambert) 

ORA is a film like you've never seen before

ora.jpgPhilippe Baylaucq is the director of a unique new film called ORA.

He made the film during a two-year residency at the National Film Board.

The film was shot using technology that, until now, has only been used by the US military.

He used infared cameras in 3D to capture the movements of dancers.

Listen to his interview with Jeanette:

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(Photo: National Film Board)

3D Films: The way of the future, or an expensive headache?

If you go to the cinema over the holiday, you will likely be offered more 3D options that you were even a few years ago.

But it doesn't come without a price. Admission to 3D films at is about $3 more than regular films.

Some say 3D films enhance the theatre experience.

But critics argue they cause headaches and nausea, and create a sense of emotional distance between the film and audience.

Martin Bilodeau is the film critic for Le Devoir and chief editor at Mediafilm. He weighs in on the future of 3D films.

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Designs for the homeless

Janet_1.jpgYoung designer Janet Chan is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase "street wear".

The recent graduate of the École supérieur de mode de Montréal has designed a line of clothing for homeless people living on the streets.

Now, she is looking for a way to produce the clothes and distribute them to those in need. If you can help, contact her by clicking here.

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(Photo: François Miville-Deschênes)

Peter Simons wants avant garde design in suburban malls

simons.jpgPeter Simons is the president of the Simons group of department stores.

The family company started in 1840 in Quebec City. (We highly recommend checking out this excellent history of the company on the Simons Web page.)

Simons sell clothes, from fast fashion to high-end. But Peter Simons is also passionate about architecture and art. (We also recommend this page on art purchased by the company.)

He says he strives to create stores with interesting and avant garde design, even in the much-maligned suburban shopping mall.

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(Photo: Simons store in Place Sainte-Foy. Courtesy of Simons.)

Boutique Design

cahierdexercises.jpgGilles Saucier is a partner with the Montreal architecture firm Saucier + Perrotte.

The international design magazine Wallpaper recently included the firm as one 20 reasons to be in Canada.

The November issue of the magazine, which is published in London, England, featured Canada on its front cover.

Saucier + Perrotte does all kinds of architecture, but the firm got a nod in Wallpaper for its boutique designs at Cahier d'Exercises and Michel Brisson.

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Window Dressing

holt renfrew 025.jpgHolt Renfrew in Montreal has one of the most elaborate window displays in the province, especially at Christmas time.

There is a team of six people who work on the displays, and the theme continues inside the store.

We visited to the store to learn more about how the window (as well as all the decorations in the store) is put together.

Check out the entire photo album from our visit on our Facebook page.

Jeanette spoke with Giampiero Giacomini, the Manager of Visual Presentation for the Montreal store.

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The Canada Notebook

cahier_jaune.jpgChances are, if you went to school in Canada, you've written in a Hilroy Canada Notebook.

The inexpensive notebooks have become an iconic piece of Canadian product design.

In an exhibition on right now at the L'oeil de poisson in Quebec City, 65 artists have each created their own interpretation of the Canada Notebook.

It's called "Peut Mieux Faire" ("Can do better").

Listen to Jeanette's interview with curator Emmanuel Galland and artists Serge Tousignant  and Amelie Laurence Fortin.

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Do we need better product design in Quebec?

André Desrosiers is a professor at the School of Design at UQAM.

He's just completed a study that found the more industrial designers are educated, the less likely they are to work in the manufacturing of everyday objects.

Desrosiers says good design is important for Quebec-made products to be competitive in the international market.

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Quebec Symphony Orchestra's new conductor

fabiengabel2.jpgFabien Gabel is the Quebec Symphony Orchestra's new conductor.

The 36-year-old from Paris, France will present his first concert with the orchestra in August, 2012.

Listen to Jeanette's interview with Fabien Gable. He also takes the Cinq à Six Culture Quiz.

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(Photo: Solea Artist Management)

Cinq à Six Holiday Shopping Guide

Jeanette's recommendations for Christmas shopping:

If you're interested in culture, this great time of the year as artists open their studios and organize their own art fairs to take advantage of our collective search for gifts for the holiday season

The second Rover Art Fair continues, with work from experienced gallery-sold artists like Linda Rutenberg, to young artists at early stages of their careers, such as Turkish Canadian sculptor Fusun Baser. The selection is curated by Rover Arts founder and publisher, Marianne Ackerman

Rover Arts is an online arts magazine covering the Montreal cultural waterfront from a critical point of view.

I also like the Salon des Artistes Recuperateurs at the Biosphere.  In fact, I bought a necklace from Claudia B. recently. She's a jewellery maker who can't walk past a computer on the curbside without taking it home, taking it apart and making jewellery from the innards. She's one of the artists at the salon this weekend at the Biosphere.

Smart Design Mart and Vintage Mart are two shows in one of the buildings in the Mile End that's home to a lot of artists studios.  This is a market curated by several Montreal Mile End designers and friends. They give their favourite designers and artists space to create a mini-boutique of their dreams. They've chosen a mix of product categories including clothing, jewellery, art, toys, home, stationery, food and bath and body. 

In Sherbrooke, there's a Christmas market at the Train Station with a 20-metre-high Christmas tree. 

In Baie St-Paul, the main street is given over to pedestrians this weekend so local crafts people can show their wares.

The Salon des metiers d'art is open in Montreal at Place Bonaventure

There's a German Christmas market at Place Hotel de Ville in Quebe City.

It's good time to support local artists and craftspeople and give handmade works of art or useful objects.

Happy shopping!