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Reimagining the Olympic Park

bigo.JPGThe future of the Olympic Park is the object of a public consultation this fall.

Around 300-million dollars is earmarked to replace the roof.

And just last week, stadium administrators announced they will spend seven million dollars to revamp the esplanade around the stadium.

So what will a "reinvented" or "reimagined" olympic park look like? The final answer will not come before what may be a long beurocratic process.

But on Cinq à Six, we wanted to open up the idea tap, and have free discussion about what this area COULD be.

Amahl Hazelton (left in the photo) is the producer of the Urban Spaces Project with Moment Factory. Before that, he worked with the Quartier des Spectacles.

Claude Cormier (middle in the photo) is a landscape architect perhaps best known for his "Sugar Beach" project in Toronto. But Quebecers may be more familiar with like the plaza at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, or the recent "Pink Balls" installation in the gay village this summer.

And Talia Dorsey (right in the photo) teaches architecture at McGill and is the principal at The Commons Inc., a strategic design and development practice here in Montreal.

Listen to their conversation with Jeanette.  

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