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April 2011 Archives

Painting the Royal Couple

willkate.jpgNow the big wedding day is over, and Prince William and Kate Middleton (now the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge) are heading off on their honeymoon.

But when they get back it will be time to receive their wedding gifts, and among those gift is a pair of portaits painted by Montreal artist André Monet.

The portraits were created at the request of the prestigious London gallery Opera. André Monet has been living and working in London for about a year now.

A retrospective is on right now at Galerie Lydia Monaro in Old Montreal until May 16.

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La mechanique de l'amour

stefie.jpgStefie Shock's new album La mechanique de l'amour came out this week.

His catchy pop/rock songs and his deep, Gainbourgesque voice have made him one of Quebec's best known musicians.

But he also made headlines a few years ago when he spoke out about his problems with anxiety and panic attacks. He's now spokesperson for Revivre, an organization that helps people with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Stefie Shock will be participating in Malade, a Radio-Canada special about mental health that will air Friday, May 6.

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Culture Club -- April 30


It's all-glamous-girl edition of the Culture Club this week with host Pierre Landry away on vacaction.

Jeanette Kelly tells us about a choir of psychiatric patients from the McGill University Health Centre who are touring in France right now.

And Rebecca Makonnen tells us about Quebec designer Eve Gravel's new collection for Fall/Winter 2011-2012.

Eve Gravel is a favourite designer of both Jeanette and Rebecca.

In the photo, Jeanette is wearing a tunic by Eve Gravel.

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A new album from Miracle Fortress

miraclefortress.jpgMontreal's indy music scene has been under the international spotlight recently. Arcade Fire picked up a Grammy and The Dears got a gig on Letterman last month.

Another indy musician we think you should keep an eye on is Miracle Fortress. In 2007, Miracle Fortress came out with an album called "Five Roses". Now, Miracle Fortress has a new album called "Was I the Wave?".

Miracle Fortress is the work of Graham Van Pelt.

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The Culture Club -- April 23

culturepierrerebecca.jpgRebecca Makonnen has a suggestion for the families this Easter weekend. Friday was Earth Day, so it's good timing for the Montreal Biodome to hold a special exhibition to raise awareness about the problem of plastic in our oceans and rivers.

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Kim Thuy, author of "Ru"

ru.jpgThe Blue Metropolis international literary festival starts on Wednesday. It's an annual gathering of authors and book lovers in Montreal. The festival attracts some of the best writers from around the world and here at home.

We would like to introduce you to one of the Quebec writers who is participating. You may have seen Kim Thuy's book "Ru" in French in book stores. It's coming out in English next year.

"Ru" is about Kim Thuy's own story of fleeing Vietnam in the late 70s, a harrowing escape in the hold of a boat, a stay at a refugee camp, and finally settling with her family in Quebec.

She will be giving writing workshops for young people at the Blue Met, and she just won Le Grand Prix Littéraire Archambault this week.

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Marc Séguin

brooklyn1.jpgQuébec painter Marc Séguin has an exhibition on right now at the Mike Weiss Gallery on West 24th Street in New York City. The exhibition is called "Failures". But it would be hard to describe Marc's career as anything but a success. His paintings sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, to be given prime placement on this stretch of galleries in New York signals he has become major player on the contemporary art scene.

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(Photo of Marc Séguin's Brooklyn studio used with permission.)

Culture Club -- April 16

JEANETTESEGUIN.jpgThis week on the Culture Club, Jeanette Kelly introduces us to a new album by Roch Voisine. Americana features covers of country classics. And she shows off a gift she received from artist Marc Séguin. As you can see in the photo, it's a small framed limited edition print of one of his paintings. Séguin's work is being exhibited right now in New York at the Mike Weiss Gallery on West 24th Street.

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Big bucks for writers

Working as a poet isn't often a way to become rich. But a new poetry prize based right here in Montreal is offering a pretty impressive amount of money: $50,000 for one poem.

Asa Boxer is the co-director of The Montreal Prize.

And Elise Moser is a Montreal writer who knows what it means to win a monetary prize -- albeit a more modest one. She has won the Quebec Writing Competition twice. She is the current President of the Quebec Writers Federation.

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EquusB4x5icon150dpi.jpgVillage Scene Productions is presenting the play Equus April 13-24 at the Rialto Theatre in Montreal. Equus got a lot of buzz when Daniel Radcliff, the actor who plays Harry Potter, starred in a broadway version a few years ago. But the play was written in 1973, and a film version starring Richard Burton came out in 1977. It's the story of a teenaged boy who purposely blinds six horses, and the psychiatrist who's trying to figure out why. Davyn Ryall is Artistic Director and Founder of Village Scene Productions.

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The Culture Club

cultureclub-thumb-190x126-80381.jpgThis week on The Culture Club Rebecca Makonnen has a review of Schwartz's: The Musical and Jeanette Kelly gives us an intro to the theatre classic Equus.

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The Bend

thebend.jpgThe Bend is Jennifer Kierans' first feature film. It's the story of 17-year-old Jason Campbell, who is struggling to come to terms with the death of his older brother Michael one year before. Michael had bi-polar disorder, and no one knows exactly what happened when he drowned in a lake on the night of senior prom. Now, Jason wonders if he might suffer from mental illness as well.

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