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Are we winning the battle against bullying? (Live Chat)

Recent high-profile cases of bullying have re-energized the fight against an age-old problem. People are looking for solutions in everything from school clubs to tough laws that would make kids criminally responsible. 

Can bullying ever be eliminated?  What do you think is the best approach? 
Should more be done to stop bullying among teens?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our live online conversation. You can watch a replay below. To share this chat on social media, use the "View the Chat in Full Screen" button.



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Bullying is something that has been going on longer than children have been gathered together in groups for schooling ...but there has been a renewed and re-energized interest in finding solutions to combat bullying. Recently several high-profile cases and some tragic teen suicides have pushed the issue to the front of public attention ...and lawmakers have been responding. As many as 40 U.S. states and several Canadian provinces are in the process of considering or enacting laws related to bullying. There have also been calls to criminalize the behaviour and to sentence bullies to jail time.

What do you think? Is there an epidemic as some have suggested? Are children just mimicking what they see around them in adult society? Is there a general decline in respect that people have for others? What about our plugged-in lives: are social media and new tech gadgets making it easier to bully with impunity?

How can new laws help? Do they need to ensure that incidents of bullying are reported and taken seriously ...or do they have to offer more ....such as the threat of penalties and punishments to people caught bullying? What about lower-key approaches such as simply making sure children are fully informed and aware of the cruel consequences of picking-on or threatening each other? Where is the front line in preventing bullying ...children, parents, teacher, school officials, politicians? Who bears the first responsibility in preventing bullying?

We also want to hear your stories. Have you been bullied ...or have you been a bully? If you are a parent, have you had to deal with your child's school about the issue ...what was that like? If you're a teacher or principal ...what are your options ...and how difficult is it to prevent bullying or stop it once it begins? What sort of assistance would you like to see?

Our topic today: "What is the best approach to preventing bullying?"

I'm Rex Murphy ...on CBC Radio One ...and on Sirius satellite radio channel 159 ...this is Cross Country Checkup.




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