What book would you pick for a list of 100 great Canadian novels?


Great Canadian novels: Readers love book lists ...and CBC Books has been chewing a lot of pencils to produce a big one, here

Old or new ...what book would you pick for a list of 100 great Canadian novels?

With guest host Suhana Meharchand.

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Today we're talking about books. Yes, it's our summer books show ...but this time with a twist. Our colleagues at CBC Books have worked hard to produce a list of 100 must-read Canadian novels. So if you want to become an expert in Canadian fiction ...work your way through that one. We'll find out in a minute how they arrived at their list. But because their list might not be your list ...we thought we'd ask you what you would want to see on a list of 100 great Canadian novels ...and then we can put that on Checkup's own list.

Too many lists? Well, we all know that readers love lists. Have a look at our website at cbc.ca/checkup and you'll not only see the CBC Books list of 100 great Canadian novels, there are other lists from newspapers and media all over the world. For readers, love of lists is right up there with talking about books, and of course best of all, reading books.

Today we want you to talk about the books that have moved you. Tell us your one choice that you feel ought to be on a list of 100 great Canadian novels. Tell us why you liked it, and how it grabbed your attention. It's that simple.

CBC Books worked hard on producing their list of great Canadian novels. But because we know that everybody loves a booklist ...we will also compile our list of all the books mentioned today on-air ...and make it available online later this week ...after we've double-checked all the titles and authors.

Meantime, you can work your way through the much bigger list of 100 must-read Canadian novels prepared by CBC Books.

If you don't have access to the Internet, your local library does ...and they can direct you to our booklists and even print a copy for you.

Our question today: "What book would you recommend for a list of 100 great Canadian novels?"

I'm Suhana Meharchand ...on CBC Radio One ...and on Sirius XM, satellite radio channel 169 ...this is Cross Country Checkup.


  • Erin Balser
    Producer at CBC Books and columnist for the weekend morning shows on CBC Radio.

  • Nick Mount
    Associate chair of the English Department at the University of Toronto. He is also the author the book When Canadian Literature Moved to New York .

  • Craig Taylor
    Author of the book Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now - as Told by Those Who Love it, Hate it, Live it, Left it and Long for it . He wrote a series of essays about reading Canadian books while in Paris, France.



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