Tell us your weather stories, the good and the bad.


Weather stories: From frost quakes to ice storms to the polar vortex, Canada's weather has been behaving ...well, depending on your perspective either weird, or like the Canada of old.
Tell us your weather stories ...the good and the bad ...from bare survival to triumph. 

With guest host Reg Sherren.

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Quite a week eh? Quite a month for that matter. Bone chilling, mind numbing..but isn't this what it is supposed to be?

I grew up in Newfoundland and Labrador, but really, I am from Labrador...and it is a wonderful place to be from.

The northern lights so vibrant, you think you can reach up and touch them.

The air so cold and crisp you can hear someone put a key is a car lock a kilometre away. So cold the outlets in the inside of the house sometimes were buried in frost.

I remember one winter we lost power and water...and collected icicles from buildings with the ski-doo..which were melted in a big pot on a fire in the back yard ...we handled whatever came ...AND ...We snow-shoed and skied and ski-dooed..played road hockey until they made us stop..lived like snow moles..tunneling our way into the snow drifts and creating another world under the snow...walked to school at 40 below..I sounds like that old Monty Python skit.. There were 150 of us living in a shoebox in the middle of the road!..tell the kids today that, and they'll never believe you...but it's true!

I've been all over this country..dug hibernating black bears out of snow caves in the Hebron Fiords, driven the ice road to Tuktoyucktuk...and ski-dooed high in mountains of the Yukon/Alaskan border..

We are a winter nation. But lately we are taking it on the chin for being..and these are not my words, but the words I have heard, or seen in print..."soft" ...babies..wimps even.

Have we lost our winter mojo? Are we weather wimps? Do you have stories to tell? Tell them to me, the good the bad, the ugly, or maybe even the dangerous.

Our topic today: Do you think our weather has changed? Why or how? Is the business of weather changing our perspective of what's happening outside? Are we just getting soft? Tell us your worst and best experiences of coping with Winter

I'm Reg Sherren ...on CBC Radio One ...and on Sirius XM, satellite radio channel 169 ...this is Cross Country Checkup.


  • John Furlong
    Host of Radio Noon at CBC in Saint John's, Newfoundland and former host of the Fisheries Broadcast.
    Twitter: @johnfurlongcbc

  • Claire Martin
    CBC's Senior Meteorologist
    Twitter: @CBCClaire

  • Serge Bouchard
    Anthropologist, writer and host of a national program Les chemins de travers on Radio-Canada.
    Twitter: @Mammouthlaineux

  • Roy Goose
    Former CBC Broadcaster in Inuvik in the Canadian Arctic.


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